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  • AES Electronics Recycling Inc. If you manage computer equipment that is now at the end of its life cycle, AES Recycling will remove and haul your materials free. AES Recycling will absorb all costs and responsibly scrap the materials at no cost to you.
  • Boothster Boothster is the go-to solution for organizations to communicate their sustainable business practices by creating green trade show displays and retail environments.
  • Eco Promotional Products We are one of the very few woman-owned, "green" full line promotional product companies. We help organizations put their logo onto environmentally responsible merchandise.
  • EcoLogic We provide sustainability consultancy to market leaders seeking efficient, innovative and elegant approaches to environmental management, carbon footprint reduction, GHG management and staff education.
  • F and H Office Systems F&H office systems, is a complete office solutions company dedicated to help companies lower their print output expenses with free assessments. F&H Office Systems and partners are involved in Green sustainable and environmentally responsible causes. Our strategy is to help our customers promote effective sustainable practices and programs, while obtaining the best cost solutions possible.

  • Green Truck We are a bio diesel mobile food truck who uses organic ingredients to cater your needs.
  • Greenlight Graphic Design Studio Our specialty is Green Branding. We develop visual identities to reflect green values and attract customers who share those values. By integrating sustainability into every stage of our design process, we optimize your triple bottom line for the most positive impact on profits, planet, and people.
  • Living Green Kern River Valley Festival Wanted: Green Vendors for the Annual Living Green Kern River Valley Festival, including Green Expo, Green Films, Green Fashion Show, run, mountain bike race, farmers' market, native plant sale, events & demonstrations
  • Oasis OASIS is a national education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of adults age 50 and older through lifelong learning and service. Offering stimulating programs in the arts, humanities, health, technology and volunteer service, OASIS brings people together to learn, lead and contribute in their communities.
  • Odeon Marketing Group Our green marketing approach is that ONE makes a difference. But that ONE must be real in pledge, performance, and commitment. We do not pretend to market sustainability traits if they do not exist or cannot be measured.

  • Producers Guild of America The Producers Guild of America established the PGA Green Committee in 2008 as a means to actively encourage and support sustainability in the entertainment industry.
  • Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation Alternative Education in the Environmental Sciences, Advanced Transportation Technologies and Renewable Energies that will promote environmental, social and economic justice.
  • Release the Chicken Release the Chicken is a dynamic media agency for creative excellence in audio visual communication and cultural events aiming at environmental sustainability, social and cultural development.
  • SET 2010 Sustainable Environment Technologies Exhibit in Los Angeles Convention Center Sept 16-19 2010
  • Shoemaker Jukebox Rental Shoemaker Jukebox provides touch screen jukebox rentals (aka "DJ in a box" or "DJ machine rental") in Southern New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania areas.
  • SolSolutions LLC SolSolutions designs and builds the SolMan mobile solar generator. An integrated, plug and play, point of use solution for green electric power.
    No gas, no noise, no fumes.

  • Willow Woods Park Originally created as a logging camp in the early 1900s, Willow Woods Park has just started the process to be a LEED certified Restaurant and Event Site. When you visit the Lake Arrowhead Communities please stop by and see our progress in a community created to be earth friendly

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