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Green Building Contractors Overview

Green building contractors marketing tips.

Building contractors are at the heart of the green building and energy conservation revolution. And this cultural shift is as big as the industrial revolution. Energy is in crisis mode...and you, as a green building contractor -- have solutions.

This green business directory, "Solutions For Green", provides resources to help you connect with other green building professionals, as well as buyers, compliance professionals, developers, etc.

Your company listing in green directories makes good business sense.

Your listing in the SOLUTIONS FOR GREEN directory brings you the following benefits:

  • Qualified Prospects - the best use of your time is talking with serious prospects. We cater to serious prospects by providing them with enough information to understand that YOU offer the quality and kind of service they are looking for.

  • High Search Engine Visibility - We engineered this green business directory for high results and minimal work on your part. And many times, we deliver your green business listing with a higher search engine page position than your own website. Believe me, position matters! We get quality search results because we provide quality content, are search engine optimized, and have a platform of more than two dozen green business websites that feed "Google juice" and traffic to this "green business directory".

  • Live Link to YOUR Website - It's getting harder and harder to get quality links to your own website to raise your search engine ranking...and bring your website to the top pages for searches. We help you. Our links are quality links and they feed your search engine ranking. If YOU provide a quality page...WE provide you with a quality link. It's that simple.

  • Tell Your Green Solutions Story - Green advantages aren't obvious. You need to tell prospects why quality (green and sustainable solutions) is better than cheap substitutes. What specific problems do they need to solve? And what is your green solution? Tell them in this 600 word "green solution article" that explains your unique selling proposition. Use your KEY WORDS several times in your story. Plan it, engineer your green solution message to attract the RIGHT propects to your high performance solution.

  • We Optimize Your Story - We provide you with a variety of search engine optimization features: Story-length description; key word list; cross referenced "green business" web platform; and green buyer traffic from multi-channel sources. That's powerful marketing!

How to Maximize Your Green Business Directory Results

There are practical strategies to maximize your search engine results...and the quality of the prospects that are attracted to your green contractor services. Here are some easy tips to follow to maximize your green directory results.
  • Key Words FIRST - List your key words and key word phrases that are the solutions your prospects' SEARCH online. ie: green building renovation, energy efficient commercial windows, historical building renovation, green plumbing, sustainable development incentives, green construction Boston. Then rank them for the most value to your key prospects. TIP: Multiple words (2-4) give you the most targeted search results.

  • Use Your Key Words - Use your most important key words as subheads in your 600 word description. And start each paragraph with a keyword phrase. Think like your prospect. What do they search for? What credibility information can you provide to entice them to link to your website...or better yet, pick up the phone and call you?

  • Write a Compelling Story - A testimonial is a powerful thing! A list of specific applications your provide are also very compelling. And so are awards, certifications, and successfully completed projects that are recognizable. Keep the bragging words out of your story. Show results. List your top strengths.

Using Your Listing Effectively

Here are a few tips to help you use your listing effectively in this community of related services:
  • Tell a compelling story, first and foremost.
  • Tell your fellow contractors and green businesses to add their listings. (Their first year is free if they get in early!) And the more contractors in the directory, the higher the Google ranking for EVERYONE!
  • Tell your customers to use the Solutions For Green directory to find quality contractors and green businesses.
  • Reuse the copy and keywords you use HERE in your emails and brochures, your business card and on signage. Keep your story consistent.
  • Ask for help if you need it. We provide basic assistance to complete an effective listing for free, and can be hired if you need business services or consulting.
  • Update your listing QUARTERLY. Add your new capabilities, refine your key words. Add testimonials.
  • ...and call other green contractors to see how you can work together. This directory is about more than sales -- it's about building a green business network for effective, high performance solutions.

About Solutions for Green

Our publisher's husband, father, brothers, and now partner, Michael Lemke all were contractors and small business owners. Father was an old-world builder and cabinet maker. One brother was a home builder. Another a landscaping contractor. Another, an inventor.

And Carolyn Allen, our publisher grew up playing and assisting in the carpentry shop and organic farm. She is an experienced "communications contractor" as well as industry marketing manager and brings a wealth of B2B marketing communications skill and knowledge to our "Solutions" publishing platform. She knows and appreciates the value of quality green building and sustainable facilities services. And her goal is to help green our communities with true sustainability -- quality, fairness, and productive careers. The Solutions For Green Directory is one of the tools she has developed to help match-make quality people, innovative ideas and practical solutions.

This green business directory is in its infancy in Internet marketing innovation. You are one of the pioneers of quality lead generation in the green business to business niche. We hope you will share your specific needs with us for quality lead generation services. We will continue to strengthen this tool to help you connect with your supply chain and your customer chain.

Call if you have suggestions or questions, we become part of your toolbox when you list your green services and companies with us.

Carolyn Allen
310-827-1510 (California time :-)
info AT

About Solutions For Green
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