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Directory Marketing Tips for Agents and Consultants

PR agencies, Advertising agencies, Web developers and marketing consultants can sign up for an "agent" account to add new deliverables to your services.

Your Role as Marketing Agent

Marketing and marketing communications are evolving professions! Isn't that a "nice" way of putting it? :-)

To keep pace with social media, Internet marketing, etc. marcom service providers think creatively about what is most valuable for their clients...and what will bring their agency a reasonable flow of revenue.

That's your responsibility to your clients...and to your own company.

Directory Marketing Services

One answer to integrated marketing and desirable business results is to help your clients get listed in specialized directories...such as Solutions For Green.

It's easy to get started

We ask that if you are a marketing agent, you enter your OWN account first, and then contact us by email or phone to verify your "agent" status, and then we turn on a special feature that allows you to add your clients to the web directory. (We like to build a relationship with our agency members.)

Benefits to your clients

Your clients benefit from qualified, specialized traffic. In the case of Solutions For Green, your traffic will be from vendors and buyers of green products and services. Our readers are looking for not only green products ... but green partners and green supply chains as well as green buyers.

Benefits to you, a marcom agent

Writing good messages is hard. You, as an experienced marketing communicator can help your clients craft their message to attract the right prospects for them. The Internet focuses on themes and key words. You know how to research those jewels and write messages that present your client's appeal to readers.

And your clients will pay you not only for placing listings on sites, but for crafting those sales and biz dev messages.

When you are able to provide a "deliverable", your clients are willing to pay for your services. And directory listings are "deliverables".

When you manage new listings and updates, you remove detailed hassle for your clients and they are willing to have you manage ongoing programs. More revenue.

When you get results, your clients truly appreciate you and will listen to your suggestions. Well crafted directory programs and listings can help you get results in today's online marketplace.

Solutions For Green Directory

We make it easy for you, as an agent, to enter and track your listings. We will send you periodic notices about site features that you can add to your own listing ... and to your clients' listings!

Sign up for the newsletter and you'll also receive valuable business stories about resources for your green economy success.

Advertising on California Green Solutions Green Media

We also have a platform of 25+ websites and newsletters on which you can place your clients' advertising to reach the green marketplace. Visit our main site: for more information.

We look forward to working with you to bring you and your clients qualified leads for green solutions.

Carolyn Allen

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