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Does Your Company Qualify for This Green Directory? is an inclusive directory: we have the broadest set of categories possible because we believe green and sustainability is a necessary approach to "everything". Options are getting greener...but nothing is totally "green".

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What is green? While the definition is evolving, the heart of the concept is consistent. "Green" products and services help restore our natural resources and promote sustainable communities for all living species.

We are concerned about quality and transparency. And with our broad approach to the directory, we realize there are no specific criteria we can apply to everyone. So we have set the following standards and practices.

Green, High Performance and Sustainable Standards

The Federal Trade Commission regulates all marketing claims that promise an environmental benefit. See their website for details, but in essence, they require that any environmental or green or ecological claims be backed up with credible research. -- FTC Environmental Claims Practices

We provide the opportunity for companies and organizations to list their certifications for their company, their people, products and their services.

We trust that our readers can select which certifications apply most appropriately for their purposes so that you can make the best selection for your purposes.

We provide a growing set of links to credible certification sources that describe certification programs that assist readers with buying green and being socially responsible.

Living and working green is worth the effort! But being green or sustainable isn't quick and easy. It took us a long time to get into this crisis and it will take some concerted effort to get out of it -- and the results will be worth our efforts to be more responsible in all our decisions -- especially our purchases and partnerships.

We're open to sharing information with you on an individual basis if your questions are not answered on the website. Please call our editorial offices if you have questions. Carolyn Allen, Editor: 310-827-2510.

Certifications Are Important

We ask for certifications in our SolutionsForGreen listings for people, products and processes so that our visitors can judge for themselves whether claims are researched and communicated properly for their purposes.

Certifications not only provide a "flag" that communicates a complex set of qualities in an easy way -- but certification programs provide a "disciplined process" that companies can use to stay current with market demands, compliance regulations, and differentiate themselves with extra quality and innovation.

Certifications that apply to "green" are broad...and differ widely. Some of the highest standards are audited and promoted by the following organizations:

ISO: International Standards Organization

ISO 9000 is about quality management and 14000 is an environmental certification standard. ISO certification is required by many European countries as well as specific industries. -- ISO 9000 and 12000.

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council

FSC certification applies to a wide variety of products and chain of custody (processes) that use wood and products from forests such as wood-based and paper-based products. -- FSC:

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

The ANSI Federation’s primary goal is to enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the American quality of life by facilitating voluntary consensus standards and ensuring their integrity. Although ANSI itself does not develop American National Standards (ANSs), it provides more than 200 U.S. parties with a neutral venue to come together and work towards common agreements. ANSI Accredited Programs include: Product Certification Programs; Personnel Certification Programs; Standards Developers; and Technical Advisory Groups to ISO.

LEED: US Green Building Council

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a system of "green building" strategies that was developed by a broad coalition of building industries: architects, designers, manufacturers, construction and regulators. -- USGBC: LEED Program

Trade Association Certifications

Many trade associations are developing specific certification programs that meet the unique needs of their industries. Among these are programs for sustainable packaging, green chemistry, organic agriculture, etc.


Real Estate Certifications

EcoBroker or GREEN REALTOR, experienced in energy efficiency issues, and GREEN home sales.

SRES, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist to help older adults with their special needs. SRES® Designation is awarded by the SRES® Council

Those sustainable business certifications go beyond basic professional designations such as GRI, Developed for members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and offered through State REALTOR® Associations REALTOR Institute. and Licensed REALTOR, by the National Asociation of Realtors.

Private Company Certification Programs

Some scientific or educational companies have established training, auditing and certification programs. These programs vary in quality, with some offering very high validity and reliability, and some sinking to greenwashing levels.


Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is an accredited, independent certification body for certification of environmental, sustainability, food quality and food purity claims. Its programs span a wide cross section of the economy, recognizing accomplishments in agricultural production, food processing and handling, forestry, fisheries, flowers and plants, energy, green building, consumer and business product manufacturing, and corporate social responsibility.

Regional and Nonprofit Organizations

Some cities and counties are starting "green business" certification programs that set standards for operations and facilities such as energy conservation, water conservation, livable wages and green product or service output.


The San Francisco Green Business Program helps San Francisco businesses and organizations adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable.

Some nonprofit organizations also are developing green certification programs for specific industry niches and/or regions. Often you can check with your local city's environmental office or County government to locate these organizations.

Education and outreach are the major purposes of organizations in this group. By educating, auditing and monitoring local organizations, cities benefit by having green suppliers available for RFPs, and reduce their infrastructure load on utilities and pollution prevention compliance regulations.


The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) has introduced its Water Management Certification Program in the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES).

Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program is hosted by the Ecology Action nonprofit.

For a longer list of certification programs see our article listing major programs on

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