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Bluestone Energy Services

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  • esco
  • energy service company
  • facilities management
  • hvac systems
  • carbon footprint reduction
  • environmental consulting

Company Description

Bluestone Energy Services, LTD is a national design/build engineering firm focused on the cost effective reduction of energy use in commercial and industrial facilities

We specialize in:
* Comprehensive treatment of facilities for energy reduction

* Qualifying efficiency projects for utility incentives and tax benefits

* Remedial design solutions for HVAC systems

* Carbon footprint reduction

Bluestone Energy Services has been providing these services since 1990. Our energy conservation services include analysis, design and installation of:

* Data Center Virtualization, Cooling and Control Systems
* Chilled Water System Improvements
* ECM Motor Applications
* Free Cooling Systems
* HVAC System Retrofits
* Steam Distribution System Improvements
* Variable Speed Drives

Bluestone Energy Services will analyze your systems, identify potential improvements, and determine costs, savings, applicable utility incentives, and applicable tax credits.

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Bluestone and Bluestone's engineers have received many awards and recognition of achievement over the years. Recent additions include:

Bluestone is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Bluestone was designated "Most Valuable Partner of the Year" by NSTAR.

Bluestone's comprehensive treatment of EF Education's building was designated the "Energy Project of the Year"by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Bluestone is a Project Expediter for National Grid.

Bluestone is a Preferred Engineering Vendor for NSTAR.

Bluestone is a Trade Ally for Com Ed.

Bluestone is a Trade Ally for Progress Energy's Energy Efficiency for Business program in the Carolinas.

Several of Bluestone's engineers have achieved designation of LEED Accredited Professional for Existing Buildings.

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