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This Green House TV

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For the past 10 years I have hosted and produced a television program on public access television. It has just been picked up by our local NBC affiliate in CA. “This Green House” is similar to the highly successful program “This Old House”, only green.

For the past 10 years Bill Rabenaldt has hosted and produced a local television program in San Luis Obispo, California USA. Due to its popularity, it has just been picked up by NBC in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties -- in central California.

This "Green Movement" as Bill sees it, is not educating the people that need to be educated, the PUBLIC. Sure we see all these fancy new tools and technology but everyone seems to have a unique description of what green means to them. Most are confused and think it’s all about solar and the cost is prohibitive. This program is designed to dispel those myths to large viewing audiences through the use of television.

This is what Bill think needs to be done. Bill has taken his TV program from public access television to Broadcast Television in 10 years. "This Green House TV" educates the public about green transitions available for your home or business that are cost effective immediately or will be in a matter of years.

"This Green House TV" shoots all episodes at a location(s) that are installing sustainable features. This includes new construction, remodels, landscaping, lighting, interior design, grey water and the list goes on. We actually film the install, discuss how easy it is to do and talk about the cost savings.

Since local residents are included in each segment (whether that is in San Luis Obispo, Chicago, Atlanta or anywhere green is evolving) it will become a community program.

Now that we're on NBC, we have an edge some may not recognize. It takes time to create a visionary program like this one. We will be off and running and the one to catch.

Please, take a moment and go to my site and enter my name, Bill Rabenaldt. If it asks for more, my e-mail is If they ask for more that that, you spelled my last name wrong.

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10 year host/producer of the cable TV program "High Profile" in San Luis Obispo, California

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