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Green Carpet

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  • green events
  • organic catering
  • LED lighting
  • green weddings
  • eco-friendly invitaitons
  • Floral Design

Company Description

Green Carpet is "the art of the sustainable soiree".
GC facilitates a sustainable, stylish choice for any reason you fathom a celebration is in order.

Green Carpet believes the art of sustainable entertaining depends not on the elaborateness and heavy expenditure, but on imagination, innovation and stylistic approach to each thoughtful detail.

Sustainable style does not include sacrificing the beauty of your event, but rather incorporating the spirit and intention of the earth’s natural biodiversity.

The eco-conscious choices throughout the fabrication and production process set Green Carpet apart from our competitors. The relationships we’ve cultivated and nurtured over the last five years allow GC a significant advantage in a constantly changing, progressive marketplace. The clean energy, tech and solar world is exploding and GC is keeping current with innovative technology (such as Biomimicry) to be able to facilitate and produce the launches of this new flux of green businesses.

We work directly with PR agencies, marketing directors and corporations to develop a consumer and brand interaction that educates how living green enhances brand image. With respect for the current economy, we create every design to be as environmentally friendly as possible while being conscientious of budget limitations. Sustainable events not only preserve and restore natural resources, but they also add value to the economy and educate those in attendance about the benefits of being environmentally friendly.

At Green Carpet we donate a percentage of profits to numerous non-profit organizations for the betterment of the environment (Bioneers Organization, Global Green, Environmental Media Association & Heal the Bay). In addition, we have donated extensive hours of office, design, and production time to charity driven events to raise funds for environmental activism and awareness.

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Biomimicry Certification
1 % For The Planet
Global Green Contributor
SPRIG West Coast Design Expert
Portovert Monthly Contributor
The Lazy Environmentialist Expert on The Sundance Channel
Winner of Fast Company, 2007 "Great Idea Contest"

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