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Smart Energy Plus

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Company Description

We Are A Total Energy Savings Solution Provider. We Are In The Business Of Saving Clients Approximately 50% Of Their Energy Costs With Guaranteed Results!

Canada Invests $146 Million In Energy

Over the next 5 years, the Canadian government plans to inject up to $146 million in 19 ~ clean energy projects, including energy use in buildings, community heat generation, L:J renewables and energy storage.

The projects are being supported by the $1 billion Clean Energy Fund, which is part of the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan aimed at advancing the country's development of clean energy technologies.

Funding aids ranging from $2.5 million to $20 million will be allocated to each project, based on the outcome of discussions currently being held between the government and successful candidates.

Potential projects include a biomass-based district heating system in Quebec; demonstration of smart grid technology for commercial buildings in Calgary, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia; and a comparison of different types of solar collectors and storage technologies for residential solar-thermal heating.

Other project ideas include the demonstration of a 1 OO-kW wave energy device off Vancouver Island, British Columbia; a combined 9 MW wind energy and storage system on Prince Edward Island; and a 1 MW anaerobic digestion facility in British Columbia to generate electricity from food waste. .

An effort to assess the performance of tidal current turbines in the Minas Passage of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia will also receive a $10-20 million funding package.

The investment made by Canada towards reducing climate change and the depletion of the environment through energy saving projects is revelatory of the country's commitment to extend its contribution to the world's efforts to curb global warming.

For the projects targeting energy use in buildings, energy efficiency comes as the preferred method, because it not only considerably reduces carbon output, but it also reduces business owners energy bills.

Smart Energy Plus is able to provide businesses in Alberta with state-of-the-art energy efficiency equipment, and can satisfy demand for all the most basic needs encountered to run a business - lighting, motors, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Smart Energy Plus is recognised as energy efficiency specialists around the world and shares their knowledge and experience with business owners wishing to become energy efficient in order to cut down on energy costs and reduce their business' carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Smart Energy Plus can provide the most useful and solicited tool, the Eniscope, Which gives business owners the opportunity to manage their energy consumption in real-time, and in the language of their choice.

The Eniscope is an advanced smart metering instrument which collects data about a business' energy usage, wastage and energy consumption trends. The information is then presented in the form of full, colored salient graphs which are easy to read, and made accessible from anywhere in the world through any PC, laptop or iPhone.

In the work place, energy consumption accounts for 30% of total global emissions. By implementing energy efficiency solutions such as SMART Energy Plus Clients not only drastically reduce their carbon footprint, thereby enhancing their green credentials, but they also save on energy bills by 30-40% or more.

Switching to energy efficiency and implementing various energy saving measures is currently at the heart of governmental concerns, following last months' Copenhagen climate summit and the non-legally binding accord which came out of it. Efforts are being summoned worldwide to reach an agreement for targets to reduce carbon emissions in time for the next climate conference in Mexico, at the end of the year.

These aims and initiatives represent a tremendously interesting business opportunity for Smart Energy Plus.

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