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Rock Industries

Product and Service Categories


  • Sweeper scrubber Southern California
  • floor scrubber Southern California
  • warehouse Southern California
  • parking garage cleaning Southern Califor
  • pressure washing Southern California
  • waste water recovery Southern California

Company Description

Cleaners of warehouse and parking structure garage faclities green cleaning methods in the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties CA Socal.

A. Cleaning large concrete facilities such as warehouses, parking structures, walkways in a rapid, good quality, and careing way for our environment with a green process.

Floor scrubber and floor cleaning and pressure washing for warehouses and parking garages.

With over 20 years of experience in the industrial and commercial concrete cleaning business, utilizing floor sweeping, floor scrubbing and steam cleaning pressure washing equipment, we have become a strong source for local contractors in the Southern California region.

We clean everything concrete and asphalt, including, parking structures, parking lots, warehouse floors, warehouse walls, shopping centers, sidewalks, tilt-ups, building exteriors, high rise, Industrial parks, dumpsters, large plants, and any large facility.

Our staff is trained to clean your entire facility, exterior and interior, on all equipment from our scrubbing machines to our pressure washers. Both the pressure washer and the sweeper / scrubber come on one trailer, so we can maximize efficiency. Our industrial sweeper scrubbers are similar to the Tennant Scrubber units, but more efficient. We can clean up to 500,000 square feet of flooring per day.

The clean water act in the State of California does not allow the waste water to flow into the storm drain system. Our water recovery system is state of the art. It collects 100% of all water residue.

In our cleaning process, we contain and pick up every drop of waste water that remains. We use a combination of hot pressure washers, ride-on sweeper / scrubbers machines , vaccums, pumps, and totes, to pick up all the dirty waste water. Utilizing ionic and non-ionic water... no soap is needed in most cases. Many of these warehouses and parking garages are very dirty and large, yet our propane driven units will reduce our footprint next to nothing. No wax is needed on the concrete either, which also reduces the stripper chemical every time you clean, instead we have a carbide or diamond brush or pad that shines the surface naturally, no wax ever wears off.

If you want your floor cleaner, your walls free of dirt and cobwebs, call us today for a free quote at (714) 448-6075.

Commercial and industrial
concrete cleaning specialist
Serving Southern California since 1999

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

Orange County - OC

Los Angeles - LA

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CRA School of Sweepers and Scrubbers American Lincoln Bowling Geeen, OH
Clean Water Act (California)

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