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Green Irene Eco-Consulting LLC

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  • eco-consulting
  • green consulting
  • green products
  • water conservation
  • energy conservation
  • air quality

Company Description

Green Irene is on a mission to "Green Our World, One Home (and Office) at a Time." Green Irene trains local Eco-Consultants to assist in implementing proven green home and small office solutions.

With the vast amount of information available in books, magazines, web sites and blogs, many families and small offices want to “go green” but don’t want to make a hobby out of “going green.” That’s where your local Eco-Consultant comes in. Your local Eco-Consultant will work with you in person to identify and implement changes to lead your family or small business to a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle and save you money by reducing energy use. To find your local Eco-Consultant now, visit our web site at

Your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant can lead your family to a healthier, safer, and more sustainable lifestyle and save you money by reducing energy use. Your trained Eco-Consultant will implement proven green home solutions in your home now.

Green Irene also offers the Green Office Makeover for small businesses.

Green Irene offers 90-minute Green Home Makeovers that encompass the interior and yard areas. Your Eco-Consultant will walk through your home and develop a set of recommendations on how you can save money, save energy and live a healthier life. We offer dozens of the best green home products available, and we will show you how to replace your wasteful incandescent bulbs, install low flow shower heads, how to buy green power and how to offset your family’s carbon footprint.

Along with your Green Home Makeover, you will receive a three-month “Ask Green Irene” membership, which gives you access to our extensive, green database. This allows you to research green questions that may arise after your Green Home Makeover. It also allows you to email questions to a Green Irene researcher for an answer to a green question not yet covered in the database.

You can also consider hosting a GO GREEN workshop for your friends. You will receive a mini-Green Home Makeover, and we will show your friends the steps your have taken to green your lifestyle and what they can do for their family.
Rely on your local Eco-Consultant to help you and your family along the path to a healthier, greener life. To find your local Eco-Consultant now, please visit us at

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