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Qualitrei, LLC

Product and Service Categories


  • Cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Green
  • Green seal certified
  • Green UniKleen
  • IPAX

Company Description

We provide innovative "Green" workplace solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. We offer electronic repairs, tool repairs, Green certified cleaning products, Green rust inhibitors, odor control, and inspection equipment.

The flagship product we offer is called Green Unikleen and is the only Green Seal Certified product on the market that is GS-34 and GS-37 certified.

Green Unikleen Heavy Duty Degreaser is a water-based emulsion and considered NON-Hazardous under OSHA and WHMIS hazard communication standard. NONE of the product's ingredients are found on any list of hazardous or carcinogenic chemical agents, or materials generated by them. This product contains NO chemicals, subject to SARA.

NON-Hazardous, NON-Toxic, NO VOCs, NO Odor, 100% Environmentally Safe, 100% Biodegradable, NON-Allergenic, NON-Corrosive.

Green Unikleen is a high performance degreaser composed of 100 % active ingredients, proven effective at excellent removing heavy deposits of grease, oil, stubborn soil, incrusted dirt, smoke, light carbon and more, providing 100 % of safety and air quality, leaving a residue free surface.

Green Unikleen is a versatile degreaser, which can be used for any cleaning application and is safe on any washable surface.

* Aerospace & Aviation
* Agriculture & Farming
* Automotive Manufacturing & Repair
* Construction
* Electronics
* Food Manufacturing & Processing
* Forestry & Timber
* Health Care & Nursing Homes
* Hotels & Resorts
* Oil & Lubricants
* Janitorial
* Marine
* Metal Fabrication
* Mining
* Municipal Services
* Nuclear Power
* Printing
* Performance Racing
* Pulp & Paper
* Restaurant & Hospitality
* Railroad
* Schools, Colleges & Universities
* Transportation & Fleet Maintenance
* Utilities
* Warehousing & Material Handling

Green Unikleen can be used through: Pressure washers, Automatic Scrubbers, Steam Pressure Cleaners, Sprayers, Dip Tanks, Mop & Bucket, Laundry, Sponge, Rag or Brush and any other machine or machineless method.

Step4Safety - anti-slip floor treatment
Green4Hands - Green hand cleaner and skin protectant
Exlime - Lime scale & calcium remover
Picklex-20 - Green Rust inhibitor, remover, cleaner, conversion coating
USB Digital microscopes
LED Flashlights, worklights, LED Upgrades for Maglite, Streamlight

Types of Customers


Your Service Territory:



Industrial Electronic Repairs - ISO-9001
Power Tool Repairs - electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Green Unikleen - GS-34, GS-37, GS-40, GS-8

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