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Belham Management Industries

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Company Description

Energy Engineers that use controls and aggressive monitoring as a means to control our clients operating costs.

Focused on the commercial sector, BMI specializes in operating, managing and expanding our client's energy management programs. BMI Energy Management is organized to be an Energy Management Department for client companies. We are an energy engineering firm that supplies solutions for company's energy related needs.

Our customers understand that operating costs associated with their buildings must be controlled by efficient designs, sufficient control systems, and long-term sustainability.

Services include:

Energy Rate/Usage Analysis
BMI can analyze and verify that facilities utilities are on the correct rate schedule.

Energy Management System selection, design, engineering, installation, and service
BMI operates a field service department that can service building control systems throughout the 48 states.

Total Facilities Maintenance Supervision
BMI can manage and supervise the life-cycle of the building, from plumbing, to roof leaks, to HVAC, we provide a host of services to track and control life-cycle operating costs.

North American 24/7 Monitoring
Some of our clients need available HVAC and Controls technicians to assist with the world-wide maintenance operations of their buildings and we lend assistance to all types of on-site maintenance vendors and construction personnel.

Data Analysis/Reporting
A great deal of data is generated during the operation of a Corporate Energy Management Program. BMI partners with companies that have an IT infrastructure focused on report generation, web hosting, and other data intensive services to simplify data management.

Green Building Project Coordination
As a member of the US Green Building Council, BMI can create and manage both retrofit and new construction Green Building projects. In addition, LEED certification can be facilitated through BMI, which gives our clients a cheaper, faster alternative than using in-house staff to manage the process.

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