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  • Efficient Laundry Dryer BiO-Therm
  • BiO-Therm reduces natural gas consumptio
  • EZ-Efficiency Saves Laundromats Money
  • Make your dryer highly efficienct

Company Description

EZ-Efficiency developed the BiO-Therm which has show to reduce natural gas consumption in commercial laundry dryers

EZ-Efficiency is dedicated to helping our customers reduce their net facility energy costs. We have combine experience of over 50 years in automated facility management, environmental systems HVAC, and complex computer systems. We leveraged this experience to develop the BiO-Therm system and, we are now positioned to bring this technology to our customers.

The BiO-Therm is a unique device designed specifically to reduce the gas consumption of commercial laundry dryers. The savings are significant and typically lead to a year or less return on investment.

The BiO-Therm has been tested in several Laundromats, and hotels, including the Holiday Inn Express, where it reduced natural gas consumption by 42.5%.

The BiO-Therm is essentially a retrofit for non-modulating commercial gas dryers to add regulated gas stepping technology based on sensor readings and EZ-Efficiency’s proprietary algorithm. The Bio-Therm is a quick add-on that does not make modifications to the dryer, does not by pass any manufacturer safety devices, and all parts are UL certified.

Typical savings in a Laundromat environment is 25-30%.

Benefits of the BiO-Therm:

Save Money – A BiO-Therm on a 200K BTU dryer can save approximately $4.50 a Day!
Reduce Laundry Damage – The more consistent heat of the BiO-Therm reduces dryer heat damage to delicate fabrics.
The Environment – A BiO-Therm installed on a 200K BTU dryer could reduce the equivalent of up to 1 car worth of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
Reassurance – The BiO-Therm is installed in high use facilities including hotels, and each BiO-Therm is warrantied for a period of 24 months.
New Gas Valve – With the BiO-Therm a new Honeywell 2-Stage gas valve is included, so your old valve gets replaced with a new high-end valve.
No Interest Financing - EZ-Efficinecy will finanace your BiO-Therm purchase. We charge no intrest making this a great way to start saving money.

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