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ShoreBank Corporation

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  • environmental banking
  • nonprofit banking
  • ecotrust
  • environmental consulting
  • financial consulting services
  • financial services

Company Description

ShoreBank is the nation’s first and leading community development and environmental banking corporation, committed to building vibrant communities and a healthy environment – our “triple bottom line.” There are now other “community development financial institutions,” but none are as large as ShoreBank, nor have they adopted the conservation mission. In contrast, most bank holding companies do not have a community development or conservation mission.

ShoreBank Corporation is America's first community development and environmental bank holding company. Headquartered in Chicago, ShoreBank is a $2.4 billion company with banks and nonprofits in Chicago; Cleveland; Detroit; Ilwaco, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Michigan's Upper Penninsula; and consulting services around the world.


Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Portland, Oregon
Coastal Oregon & Washington
Washington D.C.
Triple-Bottom-Line Performance

ShoreBank services:

* Banks
* Consulting Services
* Nonprofits


Creating stronger communities and a healthier environment require a variety of services and resources, some of which banks cannot provide. ShoreBank established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and other affiliated companies that offer complementary services to help ShoreBank achieve its mission. ShoreBank nonprofits work closely with ShoreBank's banks, as well as other community banks and local organizations.

Consulting Services

Creating economic equity and a healthy environment is a far greater task than ShoreBank can ever achieve on its own; therefore, we share our experience with organizations who have similar goals.

Business Lines

Services to local customers by banks and nonprofit affiliates*

* Residential real estate loans that strengthen communities, provide affordable housing, and build borrowers' wealth
* Loans to small businesses and faith-based and nonprofit organizations that create jobs and expand community services
* Conservation loans for projects that reduce energy consumption, remediate contamination, or support green business practices
* Bank deposit and retail services

*ShoreBank, ShoreBank Pacific, ShoreBank Enterprise Cleveland, ShoreBank Enterprise Detroit, ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia, and Northern Initiatives

Services to finanical services companies

* The Center for Finanical Services Innovation works with organizations committed to providing affordable financial services to the underbanked in the U.S.
* ShoreBank International provides consulting and training services to financial institutions in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.
* Programs to provide financial support to financial institutions in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. ShoreCap Exchange provides technical assistance to the same institutions.


ShoreBank is America's first "environmental bank." Environmental banking uses banking services as a way to contribute toward a healthier environment. ShoreBank combines its environmental concerns with its community development focus to create its "triple bottom line."

ShoreBank's principles for environmental banking and its triple bottom line include the following:

* Conservation activities are most powerful when they are aligned with customers' concerns for economic equity, personal health and community vitality.
* Building sustainable environmental practices is a long-term proposition as people learn new information and adopt new practices. ShoreBank works with its customers, developing programs or providing information as receptivity grows.
* Banks are well suited to play a role in building a healthier environment because they are regulated, well-capitalized institutions that can convert deposits into conservation loans.
* Environmental awareness is one way to address the disproportionate distribution and effects of environmental problems in lower-income and minority communities.
* ShoreBank is committed to improving its own environmental footprint.


Shareholders include financial institutions, foundations, insurance companies, major corporations, and individuals.

Types of Customers


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