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Global Green Sourcing Inc.

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  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • LED Street Lamps
  • Digital Ballasts
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Products

Company Description

Global Green Sourcing Inc. is a “Green” conscientious company emphasizing global sourcing of eco friendly products.

Global Green Sourcing Inc. (GGS) is a company situated in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada, with its sourcing division based in Shanghai, China.

Our company has taken notice of the growing trend of being environmentally friendly. So we have taken it upon ourselves to work with reputable factories and suppliers whose products or services can make an impact on making this planet a more sustainable place to live. Our aim is to provide the things that people want and need with energy efficiency, as an important factor. We are working with such innovative products such as Solar Panels, Solar Water Heating Systems, Wind Turbines, Hybrid (Solar/Wind) Street lamps and LED light bulbs. We have access to many other green eco-friendly products too.

It is no big secret, that many countries are sourcing products manufactured in China. China has become a manufacturing powerhouse with customers ranging from small and medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

The strength of our company lies with the fact that we have great cooperation with ISO certified and reputable factories spanning multiple industries. Global Green Sourcing (GGS) as our name implies, has placed an emphasis on being “Green”, focusing more on eco-friendly products. We are working with customers who are looking to be more socially responsible and environmentally friendly, hoping to have an impact on reducing green house gases, waste and pollution.

Our motto at GGS is “Making Greener Choices Everyday”. Our aim is to eliminate the headache of sourcing and provide positive results for our valued customers. We are dedicated to finding our customers superb products at exceptional prices direct from the factory. GGS helps our customers navigate through the hurdles often associated with dealing in regions such as Asia. Our team is able to respond quickly to problems that may arise due to sourcing in this region, as well as understanding the cultural differences in doing business in this part of the world.

Our company sources many different products, so feel free to inquire with us to see if we can find the products you require.

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