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Earth Saver Erosion Control Products

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Company Description

Since 1990, Earth SaverĀ®, the creator of the rice straw wattle, has provided the industry's best, scientifically tested and jobsite proven wattles.

Wherever bare soil is exposed to erosion, Earth SaverĀ® Rice Straw Wattles can be an important part of a comprehensive best management practice system for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment.

When used for temporary sediment retention, EARTHSAVERS wattles, which are also called fiber rolls, can reduce off-site sedimentation by:

* Providing storm drain inlet protection
* Directing runoff water to retention and detention devices
* Reducing water velocities in areas of concentrated flow such as waterways and swales, when installed as check structures
* Functioning as an alternative to silt fence for perimeter sediment control

EARTHSAVERS fiber rolls complement permanent best management practices used for source control and revegetation. When installed in combination with straw mulch, erosion control blankets, hydraulic mulches, or bonded fiber matrices for slope stabilization, EARTHSAVERS Rice Straw Wattles can:

* Reduce the effects of slope length and steepness
* Reduce sheet and rill erosion in agricultural areas
* Capture ash and sediment following wildfires
* Function as vegetative filters by promoting plant growth within the fiber roll

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