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Hydrologix Inc.

Product and Service Categories


  • in-situ bioremediation of FOG
  • Microbial injection
  • Eliminate pumping of grease interceptors
  • Micro wastewater treatment plant
  • Unified Plumbing Code (UPC) Listed
  • Reduce risk of Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Company Description

Hydrologix, an industry world leader for 20 years, has developed and produced their patented and UPC listed GRS; a micro wastewater treatment system deployed within a grease interceptor for specialized use by foodservice establishments to virtually eliminate pumping of GI's thus significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

It is well known that our landfills are overburdened, contaminate groundwater and aquifers and produce greenhouse gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide all of which have a negative impact on our planet. It is probably a lesser-known fact that, as the EPA states, there are at least 23,000-75,000 sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in the USA alone, per year. SSOs are caused by a variety of reasons including blockages in sewer lines that are predominantly caused by grease from mismanaged commercial kitchens and grease interceptors that are not cleaned and pumped regularly, which is probably due to the ever rising cost of these services. The current industry standard practices for disposal of brown grease are not sustainable and require off site disposal of contaminated water, sludge, and residual contaminants. Foodservice establishments recognize the escalating cost and environmental risk attributed to a non-core business activity.

Over the last ten years Hydrologix has developed, produced and readied for mass manufacturing, a system to drastically reduce and even eliminate the pumping of grease interceptors. The GRS (Grease Reduction system) is a fully computer-controlled micro wastewater treatment system deployed inside a grease interceptor/trap. Using patented technology, microbes are grown and then injected on a daily basis into the GI. The aerobic action of the microbes converts the brown grease into water and carbon dioxide with no by-product.

The GRS is designed to overcome such challenges as short retention times and high volumes of fast moving wastewater in GIs. Its innovative biotechnology along with a patented microbial formula, bioremediates FOGs in wastewater continuously. Proven reliable over the long term, it offers customers increased margins, odor control, environmental responsibility, peace of mind, and the added benefit of potentially reusable grey water output.

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Dr. Markus Lenger, co-inventor of the GRS technology holds 3 relevant US patents or patent pending; International patents applied for.
Bio Element (US 7,615,156,B2) issued Nov 10 2009. Device for in Situ bioremediation of liquid waste.
Inoculator (US 2010/0155314 A1). Auto injecting onsite dual tank microbial inoculator for use in in-situ bioremediation of FOG.
Telemetry (US 2009/0109057 A1) Methods and supporting telemetry to determine, monitor and control the metagenomic and physical states of grease interceptors, FOGs, vaults and other waste collecting.
Hydrologix is the only system approved and listed in the Unified Plumbing Code and therefore certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

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