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Green Science Laboratories Inc.

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  • Global Warming - Climate Change Consulti
  • Green Product Certification
  • EPA Reporting & Policy Help
  • Carbon Footprint & Carbon Calculator
  • Green Jobs & Education
  • Carbon Credits Brokers

Company Description

Do You Know Your Carbon Footprint? Green Science Laboratories Inc. provides precision green science for the Twenty-First Century. GSL envisions the implementation of precision green science and technologies to create and promote Eco-Sustainability around the globe. This goal will be achieved through the services of Energy Consulting & Conservation, Green and Eco Product Research, Eco-Education, and Green Business & Product Certification.

Our team is made up of dedicated, highly qualified scientists and green minded professionals. GSL is an independent, politically neutral, greenhouse gas (GHG) assessor.

GSL is the only company using a pure chemistry approach to green research, education, and certification. Our chemistry methodology can be applied seamlessly across international borders to constantly measure, update, and analyze GHG emissions for environmentally conscious individuals, organizations, business, and nations who wish to become and stay carbon neutral.

Our mission is simple: To be the leading provider of precision green science research, education, and certification for the Twenty-First Century. In keeping with this vision, we offer a number of services that can be applied seamlessly across any international border to give an exact measure of any greening economy.

GSL offers
* Baseline Analysis ™
* Carbon Impact Studies ™
* Carbon Emission Reports ™
... for business and industry.

Our specialty is in providing a holistic report of an individual's, business's or organization's carbon activity.

Green Economics

Our company's services are highly demanded. As states and nations around the world move toward Green Economics, it has become ever more important for individuals, business, and industry to be aware of their impacts on the global environment. In the United States alone, the green movement has gained momentum within the halls of government. Soon, everyone will be required to be aware of their impact on the environment and to practice sustainable environmental living.

GSL Training Solution ™

Development of custom curriculum for your business

Training includes:
1. Education on definitions of Green House Gas Emissions and their impacts on the environment, workplace, and society
2. Education on the difference of Direct and Indirect Sourced GHG Emissions
3. Education on common bio-remediation techniques employed for reducing and controlling GHG Emissions
4. Education on common technologies being employed for reducing and controlling GHG Emissions
5. Strategies for the future: Carbon Sinks, Carbon Credits, and Cap & Trade Systems

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