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DINOFLEX Recycled Rubber Surfaces

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  • Recycled flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • CHPS approved Flooring
  • Exterior surfacing
  • FloorScore Certified
  • Indoor Flooring

Company Description

From custom designed resilient rubber flooring to unique acoustic underlay, DINOFLEX®offers Architects and Designers a wide variety of color, thickness and finish to create personalized designs for education, sports and fitness, retail, hospitality, recreation, and commercial building projects.

DINOFLEX® provides INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SURFACING solutions that provide durability; shock & sound absorbance; stain resistance with non-slip safety products that are easy to install and low maintenance.

DINOFLEX® Commercial Recycled Rubber Flooring delivers durability, comfort and safety. It is the flooring choice for numerous commercial; educational; institutional and government facilities. Rated as sustainable and environmentally friendly, subjected to third party testing for FloorScore® and CHPS certification, and contributing to LEED credits, our Evolution Rubber Tile is exceptionally tough and is resistant to scuffs, scratches, and indentations. Easy to install and maintain, the surface finish provides remarkable slip and stain resistance.

At DINOFLEX® we understand that finding the perfect color match can be crucial to a successful project. Our solution is simple - create unique coordinated flooring by mixing and matching from our extensive color palette. The only limit is your imagination!

We produce products that are ideal for many applications including skating arenas; gym flooring; weight rooms; playground surfacing; landscape paving; recreational facilities; athletic surfacing; ski resorts; golf courses and so much more!

DINOFLEX® Exterior Rubber tiles are easily installed on compacted soft ground or solid surfaces and are performance proven in the harshest freeze/thaw climatic conditions. The porous nature of design allows water to flow through and around the tiles, creating a secure setting. Our Interlocking tiles lock together and have an internal support structure build to safety specifications. In addition, accessible surfaces can be arranged with impact-attenuating recycled rubber tiles that meet ASTM testing requirements for accessibility and safety.

Did you know that inadequate playground surfacing material is the leading cause of playground injury?
DINOFLEX® Playground tiles provide a safer choice. Our recycled rubber tiles are also naturally hypoallergenic & antimicrobial, providing a clean, kid-friendly play area. The shock absorbing & slip resistant qualities provides safety & comfort, while a wide range of color choices allows for a number of fun possibilities!

See our broad range our surfacing products at

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FloorScore Certified
CHPS approved
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