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Energy Industries

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  • energy consulting
  • energy service company
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable generation
  • demand response

Company Description

Energy Industries is an energy project developer focused on efficiency and renewable solutions that help our customers with their energy problems.

EI brings energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to our customers, not as individual technologies, products or services, but as a comprehensive offering. We combine technology, engineering, capital and maintenance into an easy one stop shop for our customers.

EI's "Energy Solutions as a Service" model brings a technology independent approach to saving energy. We don't focus on selling you a brand or a type of technology, we focus on full building solutions that save you the most energy, reduce the most CO2 and is the best answer for your specific need. If you are serious about saving real energy through efficiency or producing energy via a renewable resource, Energy Industries has the energy intelligence to help you achieve your goals.

EI Advisory Services works with Fortune 1000, Government, Utility and Health Care markets to help build a global strategy.

The EI Energy Services team is one of the largest energy project developers in the Efficiency and Renewable energy market space. EIES is a leader in design-build, turn-key energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

We start with a comprehensive audit to baseline the performance of existing systems and model the optimum energy project to save you energy. These solutions save you money, make you more competitive and help you plan and forecast your budget and costs more accurately.

Our key services include:
* Energy Assessments
* Feasibility Studies
* Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
* Project Management
* Commissioning and Retrocommissioning

We specialize in:

EPA Energy Star Benchmarking Services
o Sheraton Princess Kaiulani
o Alexander and Baldwin

Training, Workshops, Public Engagements
o Public Hearings
o Rebuild Hawaii
o Guam Energy Office
o CNMI Chamber of Commerece

Demand Side Management Program marketing
o Rebate acquisition

Strategic Planning

Tax Credit Services

Energy Financing

Your Service Territory:


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