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Parker West International

Product and Service Categories


  • pressure washing vacuum recovery
  • wastewater management
  • concrete cleaning parking lot degreasing
  • storm drain runoff prevention
  • driving ride on pressure washing systems
  • transportable treatment wastewater treat

Company Description

Parker West provides transportable pressure washing systems and services which incorporates automatic wastewater vacuum recovery and a portable wastewater recycling system which are in compliance with the Clean Water, Air and Solid Waste Management Laws. The Parker West System reduce fresh water consumption by 80%, CO2 air emissions by 75% and gasoline, fuel consumption by 50%

Pressure Washing Vacuum Recovery

Parker West, established in 1996, provides transportable pressure washing, vacuum recovery systems which incorporate the use of a patented portable wastewater treatment system, which incorporate use of chemical clay flocculants to treat, recycle and reuse the waste water generated.

Wastewater Management Systems Applications:
* pressure washing vacuum recovery
* portable wastewater recycling system
* storm drain runoff prevention
* concrete cleaning parking lot degreasing

These systems enable pressure washers to clean, collect and properly manage the waste water generated by cleaning contaminated hard, high traffic areas such as parking lots and structures, gas stations, refineries, shipyards and transit stations.

The Parker West Systems are value driven because they have been designed to increase productivity, reduce water pollution, gas consumption and air emission, while increasing workers productivity and improve their safety from exposure to pollutants.

New propane driven pressure washing units with a vortex heat exchange unit reduces Co2 air emissions by 75% and gasoline consumption by 50% and increases worker productivity and fatigue by 40%

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