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Company Description

Green Proposals is a comprehensive system that Government agencies use to manage their pre-proposal meetings via webinar. Out Green Meter measures the CO2 emissions saved from the atmosphere by hosting pre-bid online.

Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Some simple changes to “RFPs as usual” can lead to a more efficient, successful and rewarding process. Green Proposals was created to identify and manage environmentally responsible solutions that have a significant impact on our natural resources while making the entire RFP process for Government purchasing far less demanding for everyone involved. Efficiency, prudent time management AND a more environmentally friendly RFP process – all that and more are available at no cost to Government Agency buyers.

Green Proposals recently added a Green Meter to our pre-bid meetings via webinar. Our Green Meter will track the CO2 emissions saved from the atmosphere by pre-bid meeting participants “attending” on-line. Using algorithms we’ll measure the miles and dollars saved by attending a pre-bid from your office.

Green Solution provides a solution to help save our environment, help vendors save travel costs, and allow them to spend less productive time away from the office. We’ll manage the entire process from on-line vendor registration to periodic electronic meeting reminders to generating an electronic sign in sheet to distributing an audio/video copy of the meeting to all participants. All of this and the vendors pay a nominal fee per meeting connection.

The benefits go far beyond savings that can be measured monetarily. Think about how holding a pre-bid meeting virtually opens the door to far more vendors participating that might otherwise have stayed away. If the Government Agency has a diversity program the services offered by Green Proposals can be followed and assist in contributing to that initiative. Our President has stressed transparency. By sharing an electronic copy of the meeting with virtual attendees the information is there for all too easily review. The need for vendors to request documentation from the buyers is significantly reduced.

In the event the Government Agency does not have a e-procurement system we have an option to use our system on an “as needed” basis. It covers all of the necessary elements from providing a web portal for storing document to providing the ability to accept proposals electronically.

Here is a quote from one of our Government Agency buyers: “I knew I was issuing an RFP, and I had heard from some industry friends that there was a new "green" way to handle RFP's. Having been through the process from the vendor side, I was looking for any way to simplify the process and to cut down on waste. I attended the Green Proposals workshop at a conference and learned more than I expected- not only about why Green Proposals made sense for Government Agency RFPs, but also about the RFP process, in general. After attending the session, I felt much better equipped to face the RFP process. I contacted Shelley Temkin, the founder of Green Proposals, and she was an amazing resource. Her service helped bring some sanity into my RFP for liability claims administration! As well, I only used paper for notes, and saved countless reams of paper, office space, and back spasms! The electronic process facilitated by Green Proposals helped immensely, and I recommend that anybody about to release an RFP contact Shelley to discuss available options.” Cindy M. Wilkerson, ARM, CRM, CIC, Director - Risk Management, California Charter Schools Association Joint Powers Authority

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Certified small business. Woman owned business.

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