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Company Description

AirMD presents, PURE AirMD™ an all natural, purely botanical- based line of products that effectively clean while promoting well being.

Synthetically fragranced and chemical based cleaning products have no role to play in today’s world. No one should have to suffer negative health effects caused by products used to clean their homes.PURE AirMD™ products are non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, earth and human friendly. The colloidal micelle soap formula uses natural enzymatic reactions to break down dirt and grease.

PURE AirMD’s™ powerful cleaning action comes from its colloidal micelle formula. The formula is also a natural antibacterial agent and combined with the powerful cleaning action of the colloidal micelles, the PURE AirMD™ product line offers safe, powerful cleaning.

Colloidal micelle technology consists of molecules that are extremely small. A “colloid” is a nano sized particle (10-9 or one millionth of a millimeter) that is suspended in a substance. “Micelles” are small round structures composed of anywhere from a few dozen to a few thousand molecules that attract one another.

PURE AirMD™ cleaning products contain:

* No Acids
* No Ammonia
* No Animal Products
* No Chlorine

* No Fragrances
* No Glycol ethers
* No Detergents
* No Harmful Substances

* No Ozone Depleting Substances
* No Parabens
* No Petroleum Distillates
* No Phosphates

* No Synthetics
* No Fillers

The products are important for all health conscious individuals’ especially hyper-allergenic, chemically sensitive and immuno-compromised individuals. PURE AirMD™ is a safe alternative to many chemical products and our bio-based botanical formula consists of folacin, vegetable and plant proteins, enzymes, minerals, coconut oil, vanilla planisola, purified water and natural organics.

PURE AirMD™ ingredients are found on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) List. Therefore, no warning label is required to be placed on PURE AirMD™ by any Federal, State or Municipal agency.

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