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Company Description

Minimize Environmental Impact of Data Centers
RACKWISE is built on in depth knowledge and experience to bring the most relevant and highest quality software to the data center marketplace.

RACKWISE was founded in 2003 to serve the need for Visualization, Documentation, Modeling, Analysis, and Management of the data center.

Since its inception, RACKWISE has experienced significant growth. In addition to its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA, RACKWISE now has its sales headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and regional offices in California, Texas, Washington D.C., New York, Illinois and the U.K.

The data center industry has experienced rapid changes in recent years driven by increasing device density, server virtualization, and the rise in energy costs. To keep pace with the transformation of the data center RACKWISE has developed a software line of data center management software addressing the need for a deep understanding of the data center through modeling and analysis. Recent economic events have further proven this emphasis is well founded.

Minimize Environmental Impact of Data Centers

It is likely that future carbon caps or taxes will further exacerbate the need to manage data centers in a more sustainable manner. RACKWISE leverages its membership in “The Green Grid” to provide solutions designed to minimize the environmental impact of data center operations.

Listening to our clients has helped us grow into a leadership position in the data center software marketplace. This has led to an impressive list of marquee clients across a spectrum of industries around the globe.

RACKWISE is committed to continuing to provide market-relevant software driven by customer-defined software requirements. Many of our clients have actively participated in our software enhancements. At RACKWISE, we understand the issues facing the data center today and will continue to deliver on our promise of meeting those needs.

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