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Eastern Energy Services, Inc.

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Company Description

Eastern Energy Services, Inc. is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) specializing in energy efficient lighting, renewable energy, generators , UPS, and HVAC systems. Our goal is to lower energy consumption with no capital outlay and immediate positive cash flow, utilizing rebates and incentives when applicable.

EES also offers our clients expertise in the areas of solar energy, fuel cell technology, and thermal storage. We also provide sub-metering, and controls for boilers, hot water heaters, air conditioners and refrigeration units for both commercial and residential applications.

We are a conservation and management enterprise, dedicated to providing solutions that reduce energy consumption with no capital outlay. Our clients realize large dollar savings by implementing the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Energy Conservation and Energy Management are concepts developed to address the environmental impact caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Traditional energy resources have become limited, economically nonviable, and worse yet—environmentally harmful.

Utility companies are experiencing a rising demand for energy. Energy that utility companies may not always be able to produce and deliver as many experienced in the blackout of 2003.

Eastern Energy Services, Inc. has the qualifications, experience and credentials to provide products and services that assist in solving your energy problems. Some affiliations include Energy Star, New Jersey Smart Start Buildings, U.S. Green Building Council and more. Eastern Energy Services has built relationships with utility companies which offer rebates and other incentives for your projects.

We help our clients achieve the following goals:

* Reduce utility operating costs
* Retrofit HVAC with units that are energy efficient and environmentally safe
* Superior productivity and efficiency through improved Power Quality
* Finance the cost out of monthly savings! (NO CAPITAL OUTLAY)
* Generate an immediate positive cash flow
* Reduce maintenance costs

EES provides a full turnkey program to include all the steps and components needed for a successful project completion:

* Audit - Complete facility examination
* Design & Engineering - Recommendations for new and/or retrofit components
* Construction - New construction, or modifications
* Installation - Complete installation by licensed professionals
* Disposal - Meets all regulatory requirements
* Maintenance - Ongoing maintenance available
* Rebates - Paperwork filed for maximum incentives
* Financing - Leasing plans available, maintaining positive cash flow

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