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Johnson Controls

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Company Description

For buildings, Johnson Controls offers products and services that optimize energy use and improve comfort and security.

Green buildings get the most out of every single unit of energy, water, and other resources - saving money on energy, reducing environmental impacts, and raising value and competitiveness.

There are many options when designing and building green buildings. But we believe there is a single #1 priority: energy efficiency. Efficiency is the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally powerful element to consider when building or retrofitting a green building. It should always come first.

To achieve efficiency, it’s necessary to understand the technical products that deliver the best outcome, the performance requirements of the building as a whole, and the goals and needs of the people behind and inside the building. An integrated design process can put these elements together to deliver a building as efficient as technically and humanly possible. It’s what we can do to help you get the energy efficient green building you desire.

Building Management Systems

Johnson Controls has a long history of advocating for open protocols and standards.
Our Metasys® building management system gives you more control and easier access to information than any other system of its kind. It incorporates open systems technologies of both the building automation and the information technologies industries.

The result is a system that integrates all your building equipment, organizes the information in the most logical way imaginable and deliver it where and when you need it. And with Metasys wireless technologies, you can cost-effectively expand into all kinds of spaces you couldn’t before. We have building control systems to manage the energy, comfort and protection needs of your building no matter how simple or complex.

Johnson Controls® Technology Contracting™

We are strong believers in collaborative design, particularly around technology contracting. Whether you're planning the construction of a new building or a city-wide security system, Johnson Controls® Technology Contracting TM can help you build it smarter and simpler.

We've been in the building business for 125 years. We know how frustrating it can be to manage multiple, duplicate, discrete systems under various vendors, contracts and proprietary protocols - especially in today's ever-changing technology landscape. Who can stay ahead of the curve? Technology Contracting eliminates that anxiety and frustration.

Johnson Controls Technology Contracting simplifies the construction process by assigning a single point of contact to your project; someone who takes responsibility for managing multiple contractors and making the technology work.

* Provide a single source of responsibility
* Balance first and lifecycle costs
* Eliminate system and infrastructure duplication
* Converge individual systems into a technology solution
* Guide implementation to maximize efficiency & cost effectiveness

The result? Best-in-class integrated technology systems at a lower first cost - and a more efficient long-term operation. All designed to seamlessly accommodate future advancements in technology.

So your building or project will stay ahead of the technology curve, no matter what the future holds.

We sponsor a great web site called where you can find out more.

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