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Starting Up Green

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As the founder of Starting Up Green, Glenn Croston provides strategies, resources, and opportunities for green businesses. He is also the author of "75 Green Businesses" and "Greening Your Business on a Budget", opening the door to the green economy for people from many backgrounds.

Although we're faced with huge challenges like climate change and resource depletion, all of these problems in the economy and the environment are also opportunities for businesses that can provide profitable and sustainable solutions. Through his books, consulting, speaking, and, green business expert Glenn Croston is providing solutions and helping others to join the green business revolution.

As the founder of Starting Up Green (, Croston provides strategies, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to start and grow successful green businesses, and for businesses in every industry to make the move to sustainability. The question isn’t whether you can afford to go green, but whether you can afford not to. Croston is available for speaking and consulting engagements to deal with your unique business, providing practical and cost effective solutions. Starting Up Green also provides the Green BizBlast, a regular email blast out to subscribers connecting those selling and seeking green solutions. To pitch your business, find a resource, or sponsor a blast, contact Croston at

As the Fast Company expert blogger on green business, and a contributor to Entrepreneur and other outlets, Croston continues illuminating the path to green success.

"75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference" by Glenn Croston (Entrepreneur Press, 2008) spells out businesses that people from many backgrounds can pursue to be a part of the growing green economy, including businesses in green building, water use, food, renewable energy, transportation, farming, services, waste reduction, and many others. For each of these, Croston looks at the market need, the capital required, the time needed to get a business running, and any special issues involved. If you're looking for a new business and not sure where to start, "75 Green Businesses" will help you get started on the path to a brighter and more sustainable future (

Croston's e-book "Greening Your Business on a Budget" (Entrepreneur Press, May 2009) provides a checklist for small businesses interested in greening their operations, considering the impact of these moves on the bottom line. Some green moves like energy efficiency reduce costs, while other initiatives like using green printing services or promotional goods increase brand value and productivity. All of these initiatives open the door to new opportunities as part of the growing movement in every industry to do business in a more sustainable fashion for all of us. By focusing on the low-hanging fruit, Croston opens the door for small businesses everywhere to get greener and more profitable at the same time.

To be released in September 2009, "Starting Green" picks up where "75 Green Businesses" leaves off, walking entrepreneurs through all of the steps and considerations involved in starting a growing a successful green venture ( Starting with finding the right opportunity that works for you, "Starting Green" walks through business planning, marketing, raising money, and regulatory changes driving the growth of the green business world. In addition, Croston delves into some of the largest opportunities in more detail, including residential solar, energy efficiency, green franchises, direct sales, and retail. Presenting the insights of green business leaders like Gary Hirshberg, Hunter Lovins, Josh Dorfman, Eric Corey Freed, and Joel Makower, Croston shows once again that doing the right thing and making money can go hand in hand.

To get in touch with Glenn Croston, contact him at

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