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Green Career Tracks

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Company Description

Green Career Tracks serves people who care about the environment and want to pursue green careers and work opportunities that support a sustainable world. Explore new market sectors and industries in the growing green economy for green jobs, employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. Services include career planning, skills assessment, resume development, market research, and job search strategy. Phone coaching and in-office sessions available.

Barbara Parks is the founder of Green Career Tracks, one of the first career coaching services in the U.S. launched in 2004 to promote green careers that support ecological, social and economic sustainability. She brings a dedicated presence to her work as a green career coach, helping others discover their true passions and values and take action to position themselves for their best career match in the green economy.

With a solid 20-year track record as a career coach and counselor, Barbara has helped over 1,000 individuals - college graduates, first-time job seekers, dislocated workers, and mid-career changers - gain meaningful work in a changing, challenging marketplace.

She is frequently asked to speak on green jobs and career opportunities at green career conferences, expos, professional associations and community meetings and has been interviewed by TV and radio hosts, book authors and online and print journalists for her perspective on green careers and the growing green economy.

Barbara teaches “Sustainable Career Planning” as part of Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s noted Sustainable Design Certificate program. She is co-author of the newly released “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Careers” and is currently working on a second book that offers readers a transformational path to conscious career choices supporting sustainability.

Barbara's coaching style is both logical and intuitive, integrating strategic green career and life planning principles with intuitive gifts to help you discover your own answers to How can I play a part in creating a sustainable world?

Her approach incorporates green career strategy guidance with skill and interest assessment, and self-discovery exercises. She is committed to help you clarify your sustainability visions and values to focus your green career track efforts – even in today’s challenging, competitive job market.

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