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USA Green Asset Portfolio Protection

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  • Asset Verification
  • leasing
  • Equipment inspections
  • repossession
  • remarketing

Company Description

Inspection companies like can provide a cost-effective alternative to performing inventory/equipment inspections compared to utilizing in-house staff

Benefits of using an Equipment Inspection Company like USAGAPP or USA Green Asset Portfolio Protection.

The key to success of any leasing program is maintaining close management control over your equipment. You should have a reliable, low-cost, accurate, and flexible field inspection facility. Everyone has heard stories of leases for equipment that did not exist, inaccurate serial numbers or equipment in less than desirable condition. With an inspection company your company can eliminate these uncertainties and pit falls. Your company can be provided with critical information, the actual location of your equipment and the working condition of each unit. In addition, equipment inspection companies can verify that the lessee is satisfied with the equipment.

Inspection companies like can provide a cost-effective alternative to performing inventory/equipment inspections compared to utilizing in-house staff. This outsourcing method provides banks, leasing companies, manufacturers, finance companies and other captive groups the assistance needed in controlling their inventory/equipment. Most inspections companies are familiar with all types of equipment and can customize a program to suit your special needs.

Prior to funding a lease, an equipment inspection by can provide accurate, physical on-site inspection of all your assets before you release any funds. Verification of the existence of the equipment, serial numbers, condition of the unit and recorded hours or mileage of the units can be provided in the inspection. Customized inspections can include placement of property identification tags and/or taking of photographs of units.

The following is a checklist of items that can be reviewed during an equipment inspection.
1. Was all the equipment/inventory seen?
2. Do all the serial numbers match?
3. Does any of the equipment appear damaged?
4. Was the equipment viewed operational?
5. Was there any equipment location discrepancy?
6. Is the customer satisfied with the equipment?
7. What is the overall appearance of the equipment?

During the term of a lease if a lessee is in default of any payments an equipment inspection can verify the existence of the equipment, condition and if necessary pick up a check from the lessee.

Cost Control - By using an outside service like, you pay only for the services you require. This enables you to reduce or eliminate your field auditing staff and their inherent high fixed costs. In addition, your staff is free to perform other duties.

Release of Sales Force - If your sales force is also your inspection team, the use of an inspection company allows the sales force to focus on revenue enhancing activities rather than auditing duties.

Flexibility in Systems Design Inspection companies can customize an inspection program to fit a Lessors' requirements.

Improved Cash Flow - Inspection companies like can assist in collection efforts.

Experienced Personnel Inspection companies have personnel who have experience in looking at all types of inventory and equipment.

Quick Response Time - Most inspection companies including offer an express service, usually with 24 to 48 hours of the initial request, allowing inspections to be completed when the equipment is delivered to a lessee and prior to funding. Generally, only inspection companies have the field personnel and coverage allowing them to offer this service. It also offers your company peace of mind knowing that if you need to see one of your assets in a short time frame, there are inspection companies waiting to
assist your requests.

Nationwide Coverage - Inspection companies like can generally perform inspections in all fifty states.This may allow some leasing companies the advantage to extend their operation into new territories.

Remarketing - Close to the conclusion of the lease term, an inspection can provide valuable information. This information may provide as to the existence of the functionality of the equipment. This preventative measure can eliminate future detailed and costly appraisals if the equipment is in poor

Collateral Review - Banks and financial companies who lend funds to leasing companies or those institutions who have declined to do so can get an added comfort level by using an inspection company. An equipment inspection company can perform routine collateral review audits at the lessors
site to ensure that appropriate lease documentation is on file and also analyze leases when the lessee is in default.

In summation, a truly invaluable tool is using an equipment inspection
company to monitor your assets. Inspection companies are there to perform these tasks for your company and to give you accurate information. Cost for inspections vary from one company to another, but are relatively inexpensive. The assurance of having the knowledge that equipment is located where it is supposed to be and is operational is well worth the cost.

Inspection companies like can provide a system to help protect your security interest.

So call us or order today please go to and order an inspection or register with us as one of our 873 plus field inspector agents across the country let’s get to work today in the USA!

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