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Company Description

Let me introduce you to USA Green Jobs Now.Org and our services. USA Green Jobs Now is a Saint Petersburg FL based Green marketplace and executive placement and search firm that connect employers, companies, recruiters, and candidates to fill USA Green Jobs now.


1) Professional Human Resources and Recruiting Services – USA Green Jobs Now.Org

Provides professional recruiting and human resource services. This is our very popular job service that connects people with business skills with environmentally conscious nonprofits, government agencies, and green technology businesses. USA Green Jobs Now.Org works for client companies, searching for that hard-to find green engineering or marketing professionals. The majority of our clients are Fortune 2000 companies. We do a custom search for each position all searches are confidential and we typically find qualified candidates in three to seven days. With over 4,000 active recruiters, 11% of the Green Fortune 500 as customers and hundreds of thousands in green collar jobs across America, USA Green Jobs Now.Org is one of the largest and fastest growing recruitment marketplaces.

2) Green Website Advertising– USA Green Media Now

Green Website Advertising: Allows companies to advertise on our website several ways:
Large and small advertisements are available for products, services, and events within the green community; advertisements will include company logos, banner ads, block ads, side bar ads, etc.

Featured Company Spotlight – Monthly featured article or expose on a featured green company. By promoting green or soon to go green companies we hope to leave a valuable legacy to the next generation of life on this planet!
We also provide green networking to help green companies’ find the partners they need to network and grow with. An example is LEED Certified architects that can provide training or retraining to certain loss of job positions due to economy so we are a networking source and value add service with Blogs and social networking.

* All green website advertising will be priced slightly below industry to surpass our competition within the green marketing arena.

3) Digital Media Services – USA Go Green Now

Our company also has a unique alternative green advertising concept, called The Get Seen Going Green Campaign. This digital media concept will use digital signage for the purpose of local green advertising using flat panel digital screens. This advertising will be featured on a public electric transport vehicle that will operate free of charge for passengers’ within the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area for short trips while exposing customers and local city commuters to local digital advertising. This campaign will provide a competitive advantage for our company by connecting a free value added public transportation service with digital media advertising. This unique get seen going green concept will generate advertising revenue for our company.

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