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Harding Constructio & Sustainable Solutions

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Company Description

Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions prides itself in providing quality building and home performance services to the greater Long Beach, Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

We work with our clients to build custom new homes, remodels and room additions that are energy efficient and considerate of environmental design while staying on budget and utilizing green innovations. The resulting product is more comfortable, sustainable and less wasteful than an average home. As a leader in advancing construction technology, Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions is changing the industry by emphasizing whole-house performance, building science, and a view of the home as a complex system.

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Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions is a Build It Green Certified Green Building Professional, Energy Star Home Performance Contractor through the CBPCA, Efficiency First Founding Member, Building Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional through the Building Performance Institute, Program Coordinator for the CSULB Green and Sustainable Building Certificate Program, Long Beach City College Green Advisory Board Member and member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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