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Thinking Green Systems, Inc

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  • biobased insulation
  • green insultation
  • green insulation installation
  • weatherization
  • energy efficiency insulation
  • biobased energy efficient insulation

Company Description

Thinking Green System Contracting Services is a soy-based foam insulation company in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Thinking Green Systems sells and installs our insulation product throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. We are committed to promoting energy efficiency, the use of renewable resources and sustainable building materials.

BioBased Insulation can be incorporated into a project in order to achieve LEED credits.

BioBased 501, is a spray-in-place, soybean oil-based, polyurethane, foam insulation. This water-blown foam does not contain formaldehyde, and it does not emit CFCs or HFCs. BioBased 501 acts much like petroleum-based foam, but without any of the environmental side effects. It utilizes the renewable resource of soybeans, a crop grown by over 600,000 American Farmers. BioBased 501 is applied as a liquid and fills every cavity and void by penetrating even the tiniest crevice before expanding to form a perfectly sealed fit.

BioBased 501 eliminates air infiltration, the number one cause of energy loss in buildings and homes. By creating a sealed barrier and eliminating air infiltration, BioBased 501 helps to control internal wall condensation that can often result in mold and mildew. This same air seal helps eliminate airborne sounds and stop outside pollutants, such as dust and allergens, which can make their way through unsealed cavities. BioBased forms a soft, but solid, seamless barrier, and it does not contain loose fibers or dust that can become airborne. This drastically increases the building occupant’s indoor air quality. By eliminating unwanted air penetration, a draft-free space that maintains temperatures more evenly is created. Forming an insulated, wind-proof barrier, BioBased has the ability to reduce utility bills by as much as fifty percent. Potential savings for building and home owners can be significant.

Residential New Construction Tax Credit

A $2000 tax credit for new homes that are at least 50% more efficient than required by current building codes will encourage builders (who do not pay the energy bills for the homes they build) to construct energy-efficient houses, and increase the market for efficient technologies and practices.

Commercial Tax Deduction

This provision offers business taxpayers a deduction of $1.80 per square foot for commercial buildings that achieve a 50% reduction in annual energy cost to the user, compared to a base building defined by the industry standard ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2001.Heating, cooling, and lighting commercial buildings accounts for about 9% of total national energy consumption. A tax credit for new and renovated buildings that use 50% less energy than required by building codes will encourage owners to install efficient technologies and will help reduce natural gas and peak electric demand.

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