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Quantum Leap Services

Product and Service Categories


  • AFC permits for facilities
  • NEPA CEQA,all compliance
  • Solar, wind, hydro deployment
  • desalination facilities deployment
  • Project management
  • Public and Contractor relations

Company Description

Quantum Leap Service provides superior services, management and compliance documentation certification, and permits from the federal, state and local jurisdictions.

All compliance and all environmental clearance activities are managed in the pre-planning stage.

The renewable energy developers dream -a manager for contractors, vendors, and specialists.

Developing and deploying facilities from idea through construction.

Specialized in the front end development details.

Working to manage the project and all details including sub-consultants and specialized experts hired to do contract work under large or small green projects.

Quantum Leap Services provides experienced Project Management for Facility Deployment.

Quantum Leap Services provides any depth of work, during project deployment and will provide communication back to investors and stakeholders each step of the way.

Leading public relations and government negotiations, to assure efficient deployment during any alternative energy project compliance and permitting clearance.

Quantum Leap Services works with each specialist at the site on a daily basis, to provide an audit point, a management point, and communication linkage to stakeholders.

Quantum Leap Services track and report at all junctures to prevent funding losses and waste. Don't let your consultant leave your interests in the dark. For example, Engineers take care of their contracts and interests and do not represent stakeholder investor interests. They represent their firm, their engineers their contract.

Who watches, and monitors them? In the past, no one.

Services provided will save money and time in obtaining all permits, mitagation, planning and management of deployment, site acquisition and many other services that save time and money.

Quantum Leap works within the highest values, and design.

Quantum Leap Services takes care of all the details and reports at all times. Don't be kept in the dark. Quantum Leap Services will lead in PUC - AFC approvals, federal, state and local compliance, management of special technical vendors, engineers, environmental planners and other professionals.

This service keeps the costs down and efficiency up and assures product and professional quality control now - not later. Deployment must implement each step on time and under budget.

No project too small or too large for Quantum Leap Services. Let Quantum Leap manage from idea to constuction.

18 years of project management: new towns, wind, solar hydro, geothermal, desalinazation facilities.

Don't worry Quantum Leap Services is here to lead compliance at the site, environmental compliance permits, renewable energy certification and deployment and contract management oversight. Let someone drive the wheel and provide superior representation, communication, and management from the inside out. Quantum Leap provides the highest ethical standards and a full range of services, performed with integrity, and honest communication within the confidential project stages.

Take a breath of fresh air and don't worry help is on the way think Quantum Leap Services.

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