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Rubbersidewalks, Inc.

Product and Service Categories


  • modular sidewalks
  • sidewalks
  • non-concrete sidewalks
  • pavement
  • sustainable sidewalks
  • recycled sidewalks

Company Description

Rubbersidewalks, Inc. is the first and only company with products accepted as environmentally superior, cost effective, and aesthetically desirable alternatives to concrete sidewalks and walking pavements. We offer modular, interlocking paving materials made from 100% recycled waste plastic or 100% recycled rubber which promote storm water management, protect the urban forest, and help reduce CO2 emissions, while providing safe, comfortable and unbreakable pedestrian walking surfaces.

As the nation’s pioneer of non concrete sidewalks, we are the leader of superior, advanced walking pavements. All our products provide safety and comfort, cost savings, and environmental benefits.

TERREWALKS® is the next generation non-concrete sidewalk, a cost effective and aesthetically desirable alternative to concrete pavements for all urban, commercial and residential applications. TERREWALKS® contributes credits toward LEED® and SITES™ credentials and offers unsurpassed environmental benefits including storm water management, reduced heat island effect, 100% recycled and recyclable and innovative design.

The original non-concrete sidewalk, Rubbersidewalks™ data shows that tree roots grow less invasively beneath a modular system and offers a new strategy for sidewalk maintenance. Rubbersidewalks™ remains the foremost solution for invasive heritage trees, and qualifies for all tire recycling grant programs. Each square foot diverts almost one entire passenger tire from landfills.

VERLAYO™ has the density, durability and safety of Rubbersidewalks™ in a slimmer 100% recycled rubber 24” x 24” or 24” x 30” tile. Heights range from .75” to 1.5”. VERLAYO™ is ideal for installation atop existing flooring or pavement to provide comfort and safety, or to restore old surfaces with a clean and modern appearance. Nothing breaks on VERLAYO™ – and it provides sound muffling benefits. Practical, decorative, versatile… VERLAYO™.

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Contribute towards up to six LEED credits and SUSTAINABLE SITES credits

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