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Weston Solutions, Inc

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Company Description

Modular GreenGrid® roofing system to boost a building’s environmental and economic performance with living plants.

Green roofs have been popular in Europe since the 1970's. Today, Europeans have over 100 million square feet of planted roofs. Many of these systems are built-in-place on the roof, making them complex and expensive to install. Faced with soaring energy costs and stormwater management requirements, U.S. building designers and owners are turning to the GreenGrid® modular green roof system – the premier green roof system for high performance buildings.

The GreenGrid® modular green roof system is a cost competitive alternative to traditional built-in-place green roofs. A GreenGrid® green roof is composed of a series of preplanted modules made of recycled plastics that can easily be placed directly on a roof or other structure with sufficient structural capacity. The system meets the needs and requirements of industrial/commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®) and ABC Supply Company, Inc. (ABC Supply) developed the modular GreenGrid® roofing system to boost your building’s environmental and economic performance.

WESTON is a leading employee-owned environmental and redevelopment firm focused on restoring efficiency to essential resources: air, land, water, people, and facilities. WESTON delivers comprehensive solutions to complex problems for industry and government worldwide. By focusing on creating lasting solutions for its strategic clients, WESTON develops solutions that maximize resource value and turn environmental responsibility into economic growth.

ABC Supply is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and siding materials, tools, and supplies in the United States. Founded in 1982, ABC Supply has over 280 locations in 45 states. Specializing in select product lines, ABC offers professional contractors, competitive pricing, superior pickup and delivery service, and the highest quality building materials.

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