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ATG Electronics

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  • LED manufacturer
  • Energy efficient Lighting
  • ATG
  • Green Building lighting
  • Energy Audit
  • Retrofit

Company Description

As a professional LED company, we have more than five-year special experience in manufacturing LED T8 and T5 tubes, and offer IES files, LM79 & 80 reports, 3rd party performance reports and up to five-year extended warranty to our customers

In 1999 visionary Nick Ni a graduate of Harvard University saw the future of LED retrofits in the world’s market, and as a result he started ATG Electronics. He knew that in order to be a successful American company he would need to develop a very high quality product, which would be available to you at an extremely competitive price point. Since then he has opened 2 factories in China and one assembly plant in Lake Elsinore CA.

ATG Electronics holds numerous patents on our T8/T12 retrofit products and on various other LED products. In 2007 ATG developed our G3 Series, which was one of the first UL approved linear tubes in the United States Market. The G3 has stood the test of time and is still a product that is used today.

We have just completed testing on our newest model our G6. This is an impressive tube that really packs a punch. Proven by a LM97 report, which was conducted by Lighting Sciences Inc. A 4’ G6 will provide you with over 80 lumen per watt, which will deliver over 1400 lumen at only 16watts.

Here at ATG Electronics we have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that you are receiving the high quality product that we have promised to deliver you. This is why we have gone that extra mile to provide our customers with our UL certificates, LM79 and LM80 reports. All of these documents are available for you to view on our website.
Here in our Lake Elsinore location we keep a very large stock of our products, and in most cases your order can be shipped out same day. We receive new product shipments every month from our factory so that our customers do not have to wait extended periods of time for their products. We are also able to custom make special LED products and solutions at a minimal cost to you.

ATG promises to provide every costumer with quality products, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable support staff to assist you with all of your needs!

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UL, ETL, LM79, LM80 CE, RoHS, C-UL

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