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GreenPoint US is a sustainability educator. We have helped almost 1000 professionals obtain either their LEED Green Associate or LEED AP+ certifications.

If you are searching for a basic seminar on sustainability, interested in LEED accreditation or in ongoing professional education, GreenPoint US offers courses and training events on the topics and issues.

Seminar formats are designed to meet the needs of community and government leaders, as well as seasoned professionals seeking LEED exam preparation. Each course has been fully developed as a live presentation by design professionals experienced in teaching and are accompanied by high quality and up-to-the-minute workbooks, study techniques and test tips.

The Level 100 Seminars provide a comprehensive introduction the basics of sustainability: the history, practice and the most current events including the evolution of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- (LEED) certified buildings. Given in a 3-hour format, the course is designed for community, school and government leaders or anyone else interested in the sustainability movement.

Level 200 Courses are designed to prepare people interested in taking the LEED® Green Associate v3 exam given by the US Green Building Council, the first step in becoming a LEED Accredited Professional. This all-day training session is tailored for professionals in the sustainable design industries and a background in A/E/C is strongly recommended.

GreenPoint US Level 300 Programs offer intensive preparation for the LEED® Accredited Professional + exam given by the US Green Building Council. This course is for professionals who have successfully taken the LEED Green Associate exam and serves as a refresher/updater course for those who currently have their LEED AP and wish to pass the most recent LEED AP+ exam, v3.

Continuing Education GreenPoint Courses are taught by professionals who are active leaders in their chosen fields. These courses are designed for the needs of professionals in the A/E/C industries and topics or issues can be tailored to individual or business specifications. Contact GreenPoint for courses currently in development.

We are making every effort with the following organizations to confirm acceptance of GreenPoint US courses for Continuing Education Credits. However, individuals are responsible for clarifying specific session acceptance with their professional organization.

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