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City of Los Angeles

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The City of Los Angeles Environmental Programs are working toward a sustainable community. Many programs are included -- from mandated AB 32 climate change goals, to neighborhood driven tree planting, park development and city orchestrated green business certifications.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I've added this listing because our cities provide such a variety of green and sustainable services that we sometimes overlook them. I'm impressed with the new California law, SB 375, that is connecting transportation and housing to create more sustainable cities -- and Los Angeles has been working in this direction for several years with excellent programs to show for the effort. This is my kudo to my city's efforts!
Carolyn Allen, SolutionsForGreen Editor

--------------------------------------- -- the LA Environmental Affairs website is full of information about projects and programs that are making Los Angeles move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly City. Together, Angelenos are working towards making LA the Greenest Big City in the nation. Did you know that Los Angeles has 450 bike patrol officers that reduce 12.59 tons of air pollutants and that Los Angeles was the first City in the country to incorporate fuel cell vehicles in its fleet for everyday use? These are just some of the great things that The City of Los Angeles is doing to make our City a model green city.

Los Angeles Certified Green Business Program

The Los Angeles Certified Green Business Program proposed criteria are based on the criteria for the Bay Area Green Business Program.

On the EnvironmentLA website, you will find the general standards for all business and the specific proposed criteria for restaurants, auto repair and office/retail businesses. Other business sectors will be added as the program moves forward. The below criteria are for information only and the final criteria may be different when the certification process formally begins in mid 2009.

Proposed criteria for:

- Waste Reduction & Recycling
- Energy & Water Conservation
- Pollution Prevention

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LA has many LEED certified buildings, and has received many awards for innovation and scale of community projects because it is the one of the two largest cities, and is in the largest county in the country. Big is big in LA!

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