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Need to establish your brand's green credentials? can help: licensing content, providing informational programs, and materials, even walking you through specific steps to go more green affordably and ethically.

Resources to reach the green consumers AND green practitioners from Shel Horowitz, award-winning primary author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Want to lower costs, boost profits, and have potential customers calling YOU? International speaker, multiple-award-winning author, marketing consultant and copywriter Shel Horowitz of specializes in those types of win-win green and ethical strategies. Five of his eight books have won awards, sold rights to foreign publishers, and/or made at least one Amazon category bestseller list--most recently, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (Wiley, 2010, an Amazon Environmental category bestseller at least 12 months).

Shel also writes the internationally syndicated Green And Profitable column, for business, and its sister column, Green And Practical (, for consumers--both of which are available for license to companies and organizations wanting to supply their readers with high-quality practical green content. He speaks internationally on reaching the green consumer, business ethics, and book publishing/marketing, to such groups as
ForumDavos (Switzerland)
Green America/Global Exchange Green Festival
PRSA International Conference
ASJA National Conference
Book Expo America
Publishers Marketing Association University
American Marketing Association/CT
Noteworthy USA National Convention
Ragan Strategic Media Conference
Sustainable Food Summit
Boston Green Fest
Numerous regional publishing associations, colleges and universities, and community groups

Shel will help you with both big-picture strategic marketing, especially reaching green, socially conscious Cultural Creatives--and also with specific tactics such as attention-getting, benefit-focused copy...joint ventures and strategic media and traditional media publicity...publishing a book. Specialties: green/environmental/eco, authors, publishers, books.

As a marketer he has gotten his clients into major publications and broadcast media (including the New York Times and Publishers Weekly)...opened partnerships and endorsements for clients with prominent businesses, organizations, and celebrities--including a major Hollywood director and a Hall of Fame athlete...and helped authors, publishers, small businesses, and nonprofits differentiate themselves in a crowded market. He also turns unpublished writers into published authors, helping each publish in the most appropriate way.

Shel has been in both the environmental movement and in marketing since 1972. His first book, on energy issues, was published in 1980.

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Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green printed on recycled Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper

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