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Learn how companies are becoming aware that, on average, about 40% of energy costs for a typical company are attributable to lighting, and that our products can reduce lighting energy usage by up to 75%."


The IEPC Lighting Control System is made up of Two (2) main components which make up the entire energy management system (“EMS”). The VBC, Variable Ballast Controller, not a ballast, but a complex control module which controls the energy the ballast and light receive, as it measures and reports on their performance to allow for the total control of all lighting functions. The second part of this system is the Virtual Control Panel (VCP), an on-screen graphic user interface (GUI) software control interface, which provides for the set-up and operation of the entire system. These two components make up the heart of the simplest most powerful lighting control system on the market today.


The system communicates by utilizing a network of wireless N Point Hubs and local network or Internet and daisy chained virtual lighting fixtures. The GUI connects via the N Point hubs at each building, floor, room, zone, or fixture. With all fixtures in all zones connected, the GUI can configure or reconfigure any fixture or zone in the entire building by simply re-defining a lamp type or location etc.


The software component of this system or VCP is a Windows based software program (GUI) that controls the entire system from a single main server computer (for master control by management) which can be attached to a local network or Internet or both. In addition, each personal computer connected to the network may have personal on-screen virtual dimming and on off controls for individual spaces. Additionally, there are wall mounted dimmer stations capable of controlling spaces, offices or zones. Finally, with a Smart Phone such as an i-Phone or Blackberry you can control the entire system, allowing for monitoring, or modifications etc, from virtually anywhere in the world.

The software allows the user to define the characteristics of all spaces within a building environment. Lighting is defined by tasks to provide minimum required lighting levels to meet all codes and regulations. The use of schedules in conjunction with occupancies sensors and photocells, personal controls and wall dimmers allows the system to achieve maximum lighting energy savings.


The VBC controls the ballast and light source by utilizing an onboard computer, which communicates to master server software; the current state of the lamp and ballast for measuring lamp life, ballast condition, temperature, energy usage, etc. The VBC regulates the energy given to the lamp and ballast to provide the greatest control of lighting energy resources. The system will try to utilize minimum settings unless otherwise directed by the master control software or by overrides made by the individual users, based upon user preferences. The system will try to revert to the programmed default settings as defined during initial set-up, to ensure that the greatest possible energy savings are achieved at all times.

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FCC, UL - TUV USA & CA / Title 24, ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and EPAct-92

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