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Graphical Networks

Product and Service Categories


  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Network Documentation
  • IT Visualization
  • Outside Plant Management
  • Network Inventory

Company Description

Graphical Networks' flagship product, netTerrainTM, provides a “visual pane of glass” for Data Center Infrastructure and Inventory Management.

Automatically feeding from multiple sources netTerrain maps out the Network infrastructure in physical and logical views providing decision makers with real-time diagrams and reports that optimize that data center consumption, improve service levels and align IT investments with business objectives.

netTerrain addresses Data Center Infrastructure Management, IT Inventory Management and Outside Plant in one solution, with a focus on optimizing Data Center efficiency and operations.

Get a birds-eye view of your Data Center

• Drill-down from Regions into Sites, Buildings, Floors and Rooms
• Use vector or raster format maps and auto-place objects on top
• Dynamic color-coding of locations based on any attribute
• Access “dashboard-style” diagram properties to access Data Center essentials in a few clicks

Smart Cabinet Management

netTerrain can manage Space, Power, Connectivity at the rack/cabinet level, including:

• Dynamic, color-coded displays of racks and cabinets by occupancy, power usage or any other attribute
• Automatic device placement and vendor specific icons
• Real-time statistics for cabinets and racks, for power optimization and alarming
• Filtering of information based on user-defined criteria

Template-based device models

netTerrain is an automated and feature-rich device and cabinet modeler:

• When importing or creating device instances, all subcomponents (slots, ports, channels) are created automatically, along with power consumption figures
• Users can manage the location, attributes and state of every device, slot, card or port in real-time
• With netTerrain’ device modeler users can create new device types in minutes

Network and Topology Views
In netTerrain, users can create any type of Network with a few clicks. This is a useful feature for Network Managers. Once networks are created in netTerrain and devices mapped to them users can:

• Track all necessary device and link attributes
• Get real-time statistics for network topologies and its components
• Bridge the gap between the Physical Data Center view and the Network view by simply double – clicking on a device

Application and System Views
Unique in the industry, netTerrain has the ability to combine application layer information and views with the underlying Data Center and Network infrastructure, thus providing an insight into the Business and the way it maps to the IT resources:

Cable and Circuit Management
End-to-end Data, Power and Circuit tracing are standard features in netTerrain:

• Create Data and Power connectivity views
• Create “what-if” scenarios for IT environment changes
• Retrieve the connectivity between two devices and all subcomponents in between

Outside Plant
Most Networks span outside and beyond the Data Center. Today, companies would need to purchase two (or three) different tools to visualize the Data Center, the Inventory and the Outside Plant. With the new outside plant module, netTerrain users can:

• Visualize Manholes, Towers, Poles and other Outside Plant elements on map overlays
• Associate fiber and fiber strands with splices, ducts and conduits
• Trace connectivity port-to-port viewing the Inside and Outside Plant paths

With netTerrain users can also run Advanced Searches, Audit trails for regulatory compliance, create Custom reports and forecasts and much more...

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