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Company Description is your source for comprehensive education and training programs that support nationally recognized standards from across the green building and green trades industries in areas such as building performance, renewable energy systems, green remodeling, insulation, air sealing, fenestrations and the HVAC/R industry. and the is a professional organization of Green Collar Industry Workforce Development Professionals & Educators working together to provide challenging and comprehensive online assessments, reviews, education courses, and supporting programs for the growing Green Collar industries. We are especially focused on those industries that are involved with green building, remodeling and green trade techniques and the green technologies that are in them. Our focus is on a students’ success online, at their convenience.

We support and build industry partnerships with professional associations, industry media, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, contractors, and the professionals who install, service and maintain these green buildings and systems. We also have partnerships with academic educational organizations.

Our course development and instructional crew is comprised of green collar industry professionals. Many of whom are industry leaders and who teach or work in the industry throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff is committed to student success and believes that education for the clean & green workforce, delivered online, is a high quality way to support the educational needs of those who are in need of it.

The online faculty is supported by a technical staff with significant expertise and experience in operating very robust learning management environments. Our staff practices first class student services, and daily works to develop and maintain educational materials guided by the national standards.

In 1998, founder Chris Compton had a vision to implement a HVACR program using online learning methods. His vision and subsequent program has created a unique opportunity to instruct traditional students as well as non-degree seeking students, contractor and facilities technicians and the HVACR industry in general. The natural extension of these efforts was to launch into and the Chris together with his Dean of Green Workforce and Education Programs, William J. Parlapiano III, CM, CIAQ envisioned this online university as being an essential tool as our world tackles the Green Revolution that we are undergoing.

The programs will be for anyone searching for a way to educate themselves or their employees to:
• Prepare for a successful certification exam experience,
• Obtain additional education to move up the employment ladder
• Prepare for a career in a great industry that needs great people.

The building and trade industries already need tens of thousands of additional skilled workers, especially those who seeking careers in order to meet the current and future growth demand. In addition many in the current workforce are nearing retirement and with the Green Revolution upon us the demand for trained and certified professionals will continue for many years to come.

The significant online experience of parent company shows that existing HVACR technicians as well as the new generation of computer savvy students utilize our online programs for upward mobility, taking advantage of the flexibility and enhanced learning strategies online learning has to offer. has continued to strive to provide quality asynchronous education to fulfill the needs of the HVACR industry. and the will continue to follow that tradition. As the development is completed there will be hundreds of hours of content offered in our online programs covering foundational, intermediate and advanced levels. Ongoing development will continue to expand our offerings of detailed comprehensive technical instruction courses indefinitely.

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