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Back to Natives Restoration

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Company Description

Back to Natives Restoration encourages participation in the restoration and conservation of Orange County and California wildlands, through education and restoration programs.

Back to Nature Restoration brings conservation to Orange County and California wildlands, through education and restoration programs.

BTN features native plants as a centralizing theme. BTN promotes native plants, as well as habitat restoration and preservation by providing service learning and volunteer based habitat restoration programs.

Through outreach and education, Back to Natives strives to involve the community in the process of ecological restoration and conservation. We believe that a little "ecological enlightenment" and a chance to “get your hands dirty” is the best way to improve relations between people and Nature.


School Program Consulting

Allow Back to Natives to develop and implement a custom educational program for your facility or organization. BTN curriculum is customized to your location and ecological emphasis for your organization. All BTN curriculum is aligned to state guidelines and standards.

Habitat Restoration Consulting

Let Back to Natives assist your organization with habitat restoration with research and development of an historically accurate and location appropriate species list. BTN provides full research on locale specific species research and onsite survey and monitoring. Planting and seeding procedures will be finely documented.

Native Plant Propagation Program

Back to Natives Restoration is dedicated to the appreciation and use of locally native plant species in every aspect of our lives. There is a great need for the understanding and proper training in the use of native plant species. Propagating natives for the public is one necessary step towards shifting the mind set from water hungry plants.

Volunteer Training and Recruitment

Back to Natives Restoration provides a full service Restoration Volunteer Training and Recruitment Program. Volunteer training and recruitment can be the most difficult and time consuming aspect of any organization.

Event Promotion and Media Relations

Media relations and event promotion are a mysterious element of our non-profit community. Everyone has their own media contact list, but no one seems to cover your event. Let Back to Natives take care of media releases and raise Media Awareness of your events and organization. BTN has had much success in past events with phenomenal media coverage and public support and turnout.

Native Plant Garden Consulting

Water conservation and costs of garden maintenance are turning most people sour towards lawn and gardens. Let Back to Natives examine your yard and area to give you the tools and information necessary for a more successful landscape. BTN will visit your site and give you tips and information on how you can turn a water hungry lawn and traditional non-native landscape into a water saving, money saving beautiful native garden. Gardening should be enjoyable not a punishing labor, BTN will show you how to make it fun again while providing habitat for birds and butterflies!.

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501(C)3 not for profit agency

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