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The Green Standard

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Company Description

Green Purchasing certification, consulting and product EPD training and certification organization to help building professionals with standards, certifications and product selection.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, The Green Standard develops programs and services that improve human health, productivity and quality of life by advancing sustainable production and consumption.

Through its Green Purchasing Accredited Professional Training, The Green Standard empowers individuals and institutions to look holistically at products by measuring their impacts on people and the planet using science-based tools, and to use fair and transparent resources to communicate the results.

Certification in Green Purchasing

In an industry characterized by 10,000 building product manufacturers selling more than 61,000 distinct products, a systems approach to green purchasing is a must. Architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, facility managers, governmental and educational procurement professionals must understand the systems behind their green purchasing and describe what metrics and tools have been used to document their green and sustainable attributes.

The learning modules in the Green Purchasing Accredited Professional Training will be useful to all individuals and institutions as they will offer a systems approach that is applicable to many types of products and services.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Green Standard™ has launched the United States’ first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) System™ (in 2008). The EPD System is part of The Green Standard’s BRIGHT GREEN, BRIGHT FUTURE™ campaign, a yearlong educational initiative to empower manufacturers and purchasers to navigate the environmental landscape while making lighter footprints.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) has become the gold standard for communicating various aspects of a product’s performance, such as life cycle impacts, human health concerns, hazardous substances, and recycled content.

ISO 14025 Standards

To meet ISO 14025 standards of the International Standards Organization, an EPD must be based on product criteria rules that determine what data is to be captured and how it will be measured using life cycle assessment (LCA). Demand for such information has increased rapidly over the past few years, but until now, no comprehensive EPD system has been developed to meet the needs of North American manufacturers.

With the introduction of The Green Standard EPD System, U.S. manufacturers have an opportunity to cost-effectively complete and credibly communicate life cycle information to a broad audience.

Gaia Product Profile

In addition to their EPD System, The Green Standard has developed the Gaia Product Profile, an innovative tool for integrating diverse types of performance information into a single and comprehensive document. This web-tool provides users with a layered approach to product information, enabling them to access information according to their knowledge level, project nature, and time available.

Deborah Dunning
President & CEO

Wes Evans
Director of Membership Development

Ellen Hall
Director of Communications

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EPD Environmental Product Declaration
ISO 14025
Green Purchasing Accreditation

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