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Cambridge Community Development

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Company Description

The Economic Development department of the City of Cambridge, MA provides business research and support services specifically for retail, energy and consumer services.

The City Hall Annex at 344 Broadway, the location of the Department's office, is a green building

The City of Cambridge and the Henry P. Kendall Foundation have launched a major new energy initiative called the Cambridge Energy Alliance. The initiative will operate as a non-profit organization and will provide services and financing to dramatically increase energy efficiency in Cambridge buildings of all types. In addition, the initiative will assist installations of renewable energy systems and combined heat and power systems where appropriate. Residents, businesses, and others can register their interest on the Cambridge Energy Alliance web site:

Best Retail Practices Program

The Best Retail Practices Program assists Cambridge retailers and restaurant owners with building stronger customer bases to boost sales. Components of the program include a free workshop, individual in-store consultations and financial assistance to business owners seeking to improve the interior appearance of their establishments, as well as their marketing efforts.

Other Sustainable City programs include:

CitySmart is a pilot program testing the effect of social marketing techniques on transportation choices. We hope to achieve a shift of approximately 10% of single-occupant vehicle trips to more sustainable modes, such as walking, bicycling and transit.

The CitySmart pilot will begin in the Cambridgeport. Upon successful completion, we hope to rotate the project to other neighborhoods throughout the City.

We are currently undertaking a study of Aging in the Cambridge Community as it relates to our work in Land Use and Zoning, Open Space, Environmental and Transportation Planning, Housing, and Economic Development.

A variety of resources about biotechnology are available through the Economic Development Division, including the brochure Cambridge Biotech: The Brains of Biotech The Heart of Innovation, a listing of Cambridge's life science companies. In addition, a map of biotechnology company locations throughout the City is available.

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