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Solutions for Green

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Company Description

Solutions For Green is a directory of green, sustainable and high performance products and service to help green our businesses, workplaces, homes and communities. It is a B to B and B to C directory focusing on wholesale or commercial availability and services.

Green Media

Finding green products and green companies to meet your specific needs can be challenging. is a directory that provides robust directory listings to help buyers find companies that meet their needs, and helps companies with green, sustainable, and high performance solutions get their message out with some depth to show their true advantages.

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Green Products & Green Companies

The Solutions For Green Directory covers products and services in more than 50 product and service categories, and divides products by practical attributes including customer segment, service territory, and highlights certifications that are important in the green and CSR marketplace.

Green Solutions!

Some major categories include: Recycling, Green Building, Solar PV, HVAC Companies, Public Transportation, and Energy Conservation...but we also include areas that are rising in importance such as Water Resource Management, Forest Management, Composting and Solar Thermal.

We also include service categories that help you identify consultants and service providers that help with such hard to define areas as: Best Practices, Green Incentives & Rebates, Green Business Services, Green Careers and Green Education & Training.

Green Media -- Your Company Listing

If your organization would benefit from having an additional category added, please suggest it. We understand that the "green" and "sustainable" fields are rapidly innovating new solutions and we want our readers and vendors to have access to even the most leading edge solutions.

AND... Submit Solution Articles for Our Websites

Your organization (business, nonprofit, goverment or public) is invited to submit articles about green, sustainable, high performance, social responsibility or conservation strategies, case studies, products that provide solutions for the restoration of our climate and natural resources. Please send your articles and news about these breakthrough solutions to:

Green Media Advertising

We provide advertising opportunities so that your organization can support our editorial work at the same time you connect with prospects and potential green bizdev partners. Our parent company, California Green Solutions, publishes more than two dozen online websites, blogs and newsletters with quality content about greener solutions.

Contact Carolyn for information about how you can be part of this "solutions" platform. EMAIL: Carolyn (AT)

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